Jiaxing City Chen Hailong Skill Master Studio

Chen Hailong has continuously practiced and researched new technologies, new materials, and new processes in the field of cold work, and improved welding processes and tooling manufacturing processes, effectively improving product production efficiency and reducing product manufacturing difficulties. In the professional career of cold work technology for more than 20 years, he has participated and presided over the construction and installation of a number of projects and projects; especially in the submerged arc welding and correction process of steel structure, cone rolling (small head), ellipse The circular opening on the top of the head has made contributions to the technical processes such as reinforcing spinning. He has been awarded the title of "Advanced Individual" in the company's labor competition many times. After the establishment of the Chen Hailong Skills Master Studio, it not only discovered and inherited traditional skills, but also innovated the high-skilled personnel training model, strengthened and accelerated the training of high-skilled personnel and the construction of high-skilled personnel.

Li Hualin Welding Skill Master Studio

Li Hualin's welding skill master studio covers an area of 40 square meters, with inverter DC welding machines, plate automatic welding machines, heat treatment machines and other equipment for welding process research and development worth more than 2 million yuan. Achievements: At present, the studio has produced 30 electric standard welding procedures, 90 French nuclear grade (RCCM) standard welding procedures, and 10 American standard (ASME) welding procedures. At present, the studio has copper pipe argon arc welding, automatic plate welding, aluminum argon arc welding, sanitary pipe self-fusion welding and other carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel argon arc, argon electric continuous welding processes.

Lou Bingxin Locksmith Skills Master Studio

Lou Bingxin has been engaged in the fitter industry for more than 30 years. From the theoretical knowledge of professional schools to the practical operation of the job, he has his own unique insights in this industry. He has participated in and presided over the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of many projects and projects. jobs. In 2015, I came to Zhejiang Bofan Nuclear Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. and sent to a project department of China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. to provide technical support and mechanical maintenance. He fully participated in the equipment commissioning of the ventilation system and was recognized by the project commissioning department. After the establishment of the Fitter Skills Master Studio, it will focus on training technicians and senior technicians to form a team of highly skilled talents with a complete range of skills.