Ultrasonic Process Laboratory

Ultrasonic cleaning users are different, and the choice of equipment and cleaning process (including media) are not the same. In order to effectively meet the various requirements of the market, the company has established an ultrasonic process laboratory and recruited relevant professional technical personnel for the development of ultrasonic decontamination technology and professional ultrasonic decontamination equipment for the maintenance and development of nuclear power plants.

Purpose of the laboratory:

1. Solidly and effectively solve the existing problems of the models that have been produced on the market, and effectively meet the market demand for low-frequency equipment in order to consolidate and develop the existing market;
2. Develop and develop high-frequency series equipment for the market as soon as possible to meet the ever-increasing market demand to the greatest extent so as to open up and cultivate emerging markets;
3. Research on new cleaning technology to ensure the effective use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment.