The labor union of Zhejiang Bofan Power Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. According to the guiding ideology and instruction spirit of superior leaders, our company actively promotes the coordinated development of corporate material civilization, political civilization and spiritual civilization. The labor union has successively won the Haiyan County "Double Love" Excellent Demonstration Enterprise, Worker Pioneer Number, Haiyan Advanced Women Vocational Committee 2010-2011, 2013 "Enterprise Caring for Employees, Employees Love Enterprise" Demonstration Enterprise, 2014 "Ankang Cup" Excellent Health Unit , 2014-2015 annual employee home demonstration site, demonstration employee bookstore and other honors.

The union organization is full of vitality and actively organizes everyone to participate in cultural and sports activities. It has successively won the 2012 "Ankang Cup" eugenics team, the fifth "Kunbo Cup" employee skill crane competition winning organization award, and the "Qiuxin Cup" first table tennis association Competition Ethics Award, the third place in the third "Hanpu Cup" basketball game in 2014 and other honors.

The labor union actively organizes skilled talents to participate in skill competitions, so that employees can continuously improve themselves, and also make them feel that the company is retaining and cherishing talents. Xu Dan, a welder trained by the company, won the second place in the county employee skill competition (welding group) in 2013, the fifth place in the county vocational skill challenge (welding group) in 2014, and was selected as a candidate for "Qianjiang Chaoyuan Skills Expert" in 2015 People, etc., the first place in the 2019 Welder Skills Competition is good.

Team building

The Youth League Branch of Zhejiang Bofan Power Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2013

Mission and purpose:
Unite and care about the thinking, study, work and life of the youth members, actively create and provide an atmosphere and environment for the youth members to display their talents and communicate with each other, and wholeheartedly solve problems for the members.