The characteristic of the contemporary market is that customers first want to buy high-quality, low-cost products. The ability to meet these requirements is the guarantee for the company to remain competitive. Therefore, the company's primary goal is to manufacture high-quality products and maximize customer satisfaction.

Reputation comes from higher quality. Quality not only refers to product quality, but includes all-round optimization of products, personality, goodwill, service, etc., cultivation of quality culture, and creation of quality environment. Personality is human quality and human dignity. Bofine people should not only reflect personal pride and dignity with high quality, but also strive to create our internationally renowned brand. The quality of our products meets the requirements of national and international standards, including national standards, ASME, pressure vessel standards, etc.
·    ASME (American ASME U, NB Stamp Authorization Certificate)
·    A1A2 pressure vessel design and manufacturing license
·    Pressure piping component manufacturing license